Nello Petrucci



Welcome to my world, Thank you for connecting with me.

The energy of the streets, the vibrations, the life, everything is connected among us.

I capture fragments of life, of color, to create a universe in motion.

Fragments of daily life intertwine to form a large puzzle; these elements, collected from the streets, become fundamental in my artistic research.
The creation process is an uninterrupted journey, where each added piece helps to outline an ever-moving universe. Layer by layer, I compose my vision, giving life to works that are intrinsically fluid and mutable. Each day, each moment brings new shades and meanings, giving rise to a visual experience.
The use of "halftone" printing is a key element of my artistic poetry, pushing to create different depths and dimensions in the work, inviting the viewer to explore the work from different perspectives.



Up close, the details of these colors always appear unclear, but as you step back (as a metaphor for life), everything becomes clearer and more perceptible, revealing new facets. In this way, each work becomes a unique and interactive experience, perceiving the three-dimensionality of each piece in constant dialogue with the viewer.

Pompeii has a strong influence on my artistic background. It is a constant source of inspiration.
It is an invitation to explore, to discover, and to reflect on the world around me, through an artistic expression that is nourished by life itself.


2024_ "Banksy and friends" – coll. - JMuseo. Jesolo
2024_ "La danza dell’abisso" – 60th Venice Biennale of Art. Venice
2024_ "Ombre sommerse" – Ticinese Art Gallery. Milan
2024_ "Mani in Alto" – Gallerie Amarrage. Paris
2023_ "Bridging Borders" - European Parliament. Brussels
2023_ "Profili" - G. Scalvini Museum. Desio
2023_ "Chico Forti sono io" (sculpture) - Palazzo Benvenuti. Trento
2022_ "Profili" – Scala Contarini del Bovolo. Venice
2022_ "Epopteia" – MH Gallery. Pompeii
2021_ "Sotto il segno di San Gennaro" - coll. - San Domenico Maggiore, Naples
2021_ "Trame" (sculpture) - Spazio Thetis - Arsenale of Venice
2021_ "Repos" - Museum of the Social Outburst. Santiago, Chile
2020_ "Margine" (sculpture) - Punta Campanella. Massalubrenze
2020_ "Il Canto di Circe" – San Domenico Maggiore. Naples
2020_ "Virus coming" (Performance) - Piazza Municipio, Naples
2020_ "L’ultimo whisky con il cappellaio matto" – (short film)
2019_ "Lextwal Profili" – Red Hot. Wynwood, Miami
2019_ "Plastic river" – (installation) Municipality of Pompeii
2019_ "Plastic river" – (installation) Rovigliano Beach
2019_ "Pompeii and the mysteries of great beauty" - Archaeological Park of Pompeii
2019_ "Over the sky" – U.S. Embassy in Italy. Rome
2019_ "Refound" – Virtual Archaeological Museum. Herculaneum
2018_ "The essence of lightness" (site specific) World Trade Center. New York
2018_ "From Italy with love" - Agora Gallery. New York
2018_ "Pompei come" – Art expo. New York
2018_ "Remove the frame" (short film)
2017_ "Kairos" - Art expo – Shanghai
2017_ "Kairos" - Agora Gallery. New York
2017_ "Lost love" (short film)
2013_ "Convergenze parallele" – Ex Real Polverificio Borbonico, Scafati
2013_ "The big Illusion" (short film)
2012_ "La grande Illusione" - Central State Archive, Rome
2011_ "La caravella dell’arte" - Castel dell'Ovo. Naples
2010_ "L’arte come il film della vita" – Palazzo Gravina. Naples


Nello Petrucci is an Italian visual artist and filmmaker who lives between Pompeii and New York. He is distinguished for his style that combines collage and halftone to create engaging images, inspiring reflections on contemporary social issues. He began his career as a filmmaker, studying cinematography in Rome at the N.U.C.T. and then Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He has collaborated with film directors such as Martin Scorsese, Ari Taub, Manetti Bros, and Antonio Capuano. His works are based on collage, primarily using torn movie posters from the streets, prints that he processes with the halftone technique. He takes from the street to give back to the street. He has exhibited his works in various museums and institutional venues worldwide. With his work "The Essence of Lightness," he was the only Italian artist to exhibit at the World Trade Center in New York as part of the Silverstein Foundation project. The influence of Pompeian painting style is often evident in his works, which have made him one of the most respected street art artists of the moment. He is also known for his social commitment, using communicative images with direct and powerful symbolism to express his opinions and concerns on issues such as social justice, equality, diversity, and the environment. Art as a tool for social change is a central theme in Petrucci's work, actively engaging in support. He has created several works that have attracted media attention, such as the sculpture "Plastic River," a whale made from recycled plastic. Petrucci has directed several short films that have received numerous international awards. His latest work, "The Last Whisky with the Mad Hatter," was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2020. He is the artistic director of the Pompeii Street Festival, an international street art event held annually in Pompeii. His social commitment to supporting and helping the less fortunate gives rise to the "Art Helps People" project. Through the proceeds, he finances humanitarian and social projects worldwide. His work continues to inspire and engage audiences worldwide, making him a prominent figure in the contemporary art scene. His latest sculpture, "The Dance of the Abyss," is featured at the 2024 Venice Art Biennale in the Grenada Pavilion.



Street art work

His street art works are present in various countries around the world:
Paris, London, Athens, Sofia, Ceuta border (Morocco/Spain), Malindi, Cathama, Kenya; Dubai (Sonepur camp), New York, Miami, Istanbul, Barcelona, Venice, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Rome, Salerno, Besana in Brianza, Castellammare di Stabia, Pompeii…